Vegan Kitchen Staples

vegan pantry staples (grains and spices)

Vegan Culinary Staples (oils and dressings)

In many plant-based recipes, you’ll see the same ingredients over and over again, many of which are featured in the collages above. While most vegans have a majority of those items in their kitchens at any given time, some of the ingredients may be new to people who have not yet experimented with a plant-based diet.

With the exception of the bulk grains, Vegenaise (vegan mayonnaise), and Earth Balance (vegan butter), most of the items can be found at traditional chain grocery stores. The bulk grains, Vegenaise, and Earth Balance can be found at Whole Foods or most other health food stores. If you don’t live near a Whole Foods or health food store, you can easily order the items online.

There are several other staples that I did not include in the collages (lentils, wild rice, flax, and chia seeds to name a few). If you subscribe to Conveganence, you’ll receive a list of staples each week that you need to stock up on. Once you’ve stocked up on all of these items, your future grocery lists will be relatively short and limited largely to fresh produce.

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